Active Hotels joins the blogging world

While we’re on the topic of travel blogging, I couldn’t help but introduce the Active Hotels blog, which we launched in February.

As you may or may not know, I send the Active Hotels weekly newsletter, in which I try to cram as many good travel deals as I can find.

Active Hotels NewsletterBut recently, I’ve been coming across tons of last second wicked deals which would have quickly evaporated before the next newsletter went out. And by wicked deals, I mean, even I was baffled by the rates and would eye my calendar for a free weekend to go laze around in some of the posh spa hotels I found.

After scratching our heads about the best way to tell people about these deals without filling their inboxes with daily emails, we thought a blog would be a great place to start. Between the blog and RSS feed, hopefully we’d manage to use it as a good way to converse with our past and future guests.

It’s only a humble little WordPress blog and there’s still a whiff of fresh paint in the air, but I hope we can make it a good spot to find deals and some rants and reviews on all things travel-related, so feel free to stop by and say hi!

Around the world in as long as you like

I love travelling, world history, new exotic food, but I sadly spend very little time seeing the world. So I live vicariously through some of my favourite travel blogs.

Darren at Travel Rants is organising a Blog-a-thon Challenge, with the aim of getting new travel writers to come out of the woodwork.

Tell your family, friends, anyone you know about the Travel Rants Blog-a-thon. Write a blog post [article] that will be useful, interesting, or humorous for travellers / consumers and you could win yourself a cool €200 worth [or equivalent US$, £’s etc.] of Amazon vouchers donated by

So if you fancy yourself as a travel writer or want to share some of your past unique travel experiences (some of my Namibian friends’ childhood stories and my sister’s many South American trips come to mind here!), visit Darren’s blog and read up on the challenge.