It doesn't get any better than this

On a passing visit to London yesterday, I came across Art. Not a Monet, not a Warhol, and certainly not a Da Vinci. But I did see a Banksy with mine own little eyeballs! Somewhere between Kings Cross and Exmouth Market, we were greeted by it. (Click on the image for the full picture of the little girl at the ATM)

Banksy ATM artHe redecorated an old bricked up window with an ATM and a little girl. Without opening up the art vs vandalism issue again, I can’t help but feel thought-out social commentary graffitis are as welcome in the city as its own inhabitants. Banksy makes a point with his art, which is why I have more respect for a guerrilla artist who’s effectively building a brand for himself while making us think, rather than the cheap taggers who seem to have the London to Cambridge train line covered, repeatedly scribbling their name illegibly in spray paint.

I know his art hasn’t been appreciated everywhere, but in busy London, it just fits in. It’s part of the story.