Hooked on Granny Squares: Baby Blanket

In October, I attended a workshop on “Granny Squares and Beyond”, a crochet workshop by Joanne Scrace of Not So Granny at the Sheep Shop in Cambridge. It’s always lovely popping by the Sheep Shop, where the owner Sarah always has a smile and some great new squishy, lovely yarns. In the back of my mind, I had a slight concern that signing up for a beyond-the-basics course without having ever tried crochet was a bad idea, so I spent Wednesday night fiddling and teaching myself double crochet and treble crochet. Turns out, it’s fairly easy to learn, and I wasn’t the only one cramming in a last-minute lesson (as Daisy, who also attended, decided to teach herself using YouTube at midnight the night before the course!)

Joanne patiently walked us through the various types of crocheted squares (or triangles, dodecagons or whatever shape you wish!), how to connect them and finish up the blanket. As a nice small group, we all progressed quite quickly and I had three squares done by the end.

Once I got home, I couldn’t resist making “a few more”. A quick calculation showed me that 100 squares would make a perfect cot or stroller baby blanket for friends who have just had their first baby. Despair! After a few more calculations and swiftly measuring the squares I had done, I worked out that 56 squares would be sufficient for a baby blanket that won’t drag everywhere!


As the stack grew, I started deciding on layout. By the end of November, I could move on to attaching the squares together. I made long strips of 8, then attached the strips together.


Lots of loose ends to sew in and little bits to snip, but for a first blanket, it seemed to hold together wonderfully well. The recipient also seemed quite happy with it!


​I’ve since started another acrylic blanket using Stylecraft Special DK in the Lucy colour pack, inspired by the lovely Lucy at Attic24. I used to dread acrylic, but this feels nice and effortless to use and will last a lifetime! It may also take a lifetime, but I view this as a very relaxing TV project if I’m not currently working on something interesting. Very much a no-deadline project 🙂

Having said that, the next project is likely to be another granny squares project and I’ll most likely treat myself to some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino instead…​