Like my new look?

It may be a month late, but here’s my yearly new look. This morning, Andrew offered to create a new WordPress template for me and I simply couldn’t refuse such an offer. I knew exactly what style I was looking for and chuwy provided the image the template was built upon. If my memory serves me right, which it rarely does, I believe we’re now on to version 5 or 6 for this blog.

We’ve now put to rest the green template some lovingly called the “Did you get your inspiration from the Windows XP default background?” and others the “wow you’re so web 2.0” design.

After the jump, I’ve put up one last screenshot of the green tree template for posterity’s sake.

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New plugin: Technorati tags

Using categories for blog posts is a nightmare: You start off with a generic category name, then you’re tempted to split it into multiple categories, at which point you realise said category contains 428 posts begging to be reorganised. So you promptly give up on reorganising the categories and go play Wii, or eat a cookie, or something.

So I’ve adopted a new little plugin for WordPress called SimpleTags. It makes it easy to add Technorati tags to the bottom of a post, and can also be used to create a tag cloud. Sure, tag clouds are oh-so-2006, but they’re also an interesting way to see what I’ve been blabbing about recently.

We’ll see about the tag cloud later, since I’ve got a stinking head cold, which makes it hard to even keep my eyes open, but the plugin was drag and drop, so that’s in use already.