I hate moving!

So I do… I hate moving, I hate the process of living in boxes for the week prior to leaving, I hate the gloomy feeling of walking around my room trying not to trip on boxes and looking for something to do now that everything but my computer and school binders is packed!

Moved over 5 times in hardly more than three years, every time having to wittle down the quantity of junk I own, so now I’m leaving for England with two suitcases and one or two boxes labelled for my parents to bring in their luggage in July. Hopefully there’ll be one last move in the next year, when we finally buy our own place somewhere in England, then I don’t want to move for a while!!

At least our apartment in England is nice, and I don’t start humming the Mile End song every time I walk out the door of our flat! *keeps from complaining more about the crappiness of the Ottawa apartment — see previous posts for that* Lawrence Moorings is beautiful and so relaxing most of the time, and my only roommate will be the nicest boy ever! 😀

I need to go pile up my boxes in the living room so I can guage whether I need to ask friends to help or if we’ll have enough of my current helpers! Tonight’s the big move, I should get working!

31 thoughts on “I hate moving!

  1. Tim

    I am really pissed off about my house move so I typed in I hate Mving in google and your page came up so I am just letting you know that I sodding well agree.


  2. jenny

    i did the same thing as tim. i hate moving too. i have moved every year in my life and sometimes in the middle of years. if i could choose i would never move again.


  3. anonymous-lol

    Ha ha!
    that’s exactly what i did too
    I typed I hate moving on google and your site was the first that came up
    I don’t know why but it’s put me in a better mood.

  4. CHELO


  5. Lana

    this is BIZARRE! i also typed in I HATE MOVING! i feel a lot better knowing that others are in the same boat! i am the same as jenny, moving almost every year of my life. luckily, i think this move will bring a close to this crazy moving, at least for a couple of years! i just feel so ISOLATED during this process. and also like i am slowly losing my mind!!! good luck, all you movers. we are united in our hatred of packing and i wish you all the very best in your new homes!

  6. Vero

    Aww glad it’s making you guys feel better knowing you’re not alone hating house moves!

    Good luck to everyone in your office moves and now, stop procrastinating and go pack up some boxes!!! 😉


  7. Liz

    i am glad i am not the only one. i HATE moving. and i am now moving because of my fiancee. doesn’t make things nicer. i want to burn all of my boxes. again, i HATE moving.

  8. matt

    Ironically enough, i also typed “i hate moving” into yahoo. Packages everywhere, furniture astray, planning ahead all this stuff. it all sucks.

  9. Stacy

    Thats kinda funny. I’m in the process of moving at the last minute (p.s. Dont ever move at the last minute it sucks more!). It just seems like i cant get a moving truck anywhere because everyone desides to move all at the same time around here!!! eek! But i googled “i hate moving!” and this was the first to come up and i agree with everyone. 😦

  10. Joan

    The best thing about this move is that I too googled “I hate moving”! I’m at the total chaos point, and I get trying to convince myself that it has to get bad to get better!

  11. Ashley

    I hate moving too. typed in google like everyone else. I’m moving because I broke up with my boyfriend and I don’t get to keep the apartment. Words to anyone who is going to move in with their boyfriends….Don’t do it. Horrible experience. Just horrible. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who hates this whole process.

  12. Jane

    I googled it too! Here I am, supposed to be moving from my bachelor apt in 2 days, and I haven’t packed a DAMN THING…I just can’t get my ass in gear! 😦 Have been exhausted every day this week, after work, so am procrasinating…ARGHHH!!! I’ll probably do it all the night before, like an idiot…*sigh* heehee…Cheered me up seeing all the others feeling the same way, tho’! 😛

  13. Becky

    Googled =] I’m moving out of the town i’ve lived in my whole life to a tiny village to go and live with my aunti. I hate it, i’m leaving behind so many memories, i love it here, so much has changed here. I makes me so sad to think i’m leaving it behind now.

  14. Shannon

    Man…I found out on the 16th that my family has to be out of our house by the 27th (next Tuesday) and we still haven’t found a place to go…so I’ve pretty down. But I typed “I hate moving” in google and this was also the first site to come up. Its kind of weird that so many of us typed the same thing. Anyway gotta go pack!

  15. alexincincy

    I also typed “i hate moving” into google. this site has made me feel a bit better, I am still putting off packing all this crap until the very last minute!

  16. mina

    crazy! I also typed “i hate moving”. Wow, I feel like this is the support group for people in transition. I think we should call it “movers anonymous”

  17. Davina

    So funny I wrote hate moving on google and you came up too. I am glad I am not the only one who does that… that funniest site comes up when you type in “Life sucks” LOL

  18. Erica

    This is too darn funny. I was searching for movers anonymous and came to this site. I guess they don’t have one yet. I know someone that likes to move all the time, (my ex-husband) Since we have been divorced for almost 5 years (I think) I have moved 1 time from an apt. to a house. We were married for 10 years and moving once or twice a year was hell. I am so glad to say, I never HAVE to move again, unless I want to. Good Luck to all you Movers!

  19. Kimber the Gypsy

    OK, so I am supposed to be pakcing right now, but good Lord, I hate moving! I am feeling very sorry for myself. I have counted it a hundred times over in my head, I have moved 6 times in the past 14 months. IT NEVER GETS BETTER. ITS OVERWHELMING. Gosh, I am tempted to a make piture of margaritas and crash out on the floor amongst dozens of boxes and have myself a nice, poor pitiful me, quiet, nervous breakdown. Ah, that sounds so good and I don’t even drink! OH NO! DAMN. WERE DID I PACK THE BLENDER? AHHHHHHHHH….MOVING SUCKS!

  20. Pip

    I googled that too, and am currently buried under my own stuff, work stuff, my parents’ stuff and some from my grandparents too, just for good measure. I sincerely hope that what I tell people comes true – interest in family history often skips a generation so keep stuff for as long as you can. Gaard I so want to put down roots.

  21. Laura

    I totally TOTALLY hate moving. I have got one week left until I leave my apt., my job, and my country. I am tripping over crap. I can’t find anything. I can’t sleep. Can’t concentrate. I hate it sooo much. But, this blog made me feel better! Thanks for a few minutes of light relief!

  22. Eric

    I googled it too! I am taking a break now from packing and wasting time away. Tomorrows the day and needless to say, not looking forward to it. When can our stuff grow legs and move themselves? Being a procrastinator doesnt help. I will be up most of the night packing the kitchen, the bathroom and finding boxes for the rest.

  23. Donttakemetoperuplease

    Yes, I too googled I hate moving

    because I do. You are right, it sucks.

    But maybe this will help.

    You forgot to mention leaving friends and family behind.

  24. Lulu

    Okay, as everyone already knows, I typed it too. I guess its obvious that I hate moving soooooooooooooooooooooo much. I’ve already moved, but it takes FOREVER to unpack also, and I especially hate trying to live without any of your stuff. I miss all my friends and my boyfriend. 😦 . I still don’t have any friends at my new school. this sucks!!!

  25. Jeanne

    I googled it too! I really hate moving,Hopefully there’ll be my last move next time.I’d like to buy my own place somewhere in hometown and settle down.

  26. Carrie

    LOL, I also typed ‘I Hate Moving’… nice read. I’m in the apartment industry and well… wanted to know how many people out there absolutely hate moving and what I can do, as a property manager, to make moving easier for my residents. Any advice? E-mail me @ serendi3@serendipitywaits.com

  27. Glennie

    I would so very love to move house just once. I am 17 and have lived in the same house my entire life. It is a medium sized 3 bedroom home and I am so sick of hearing about all my friends big houses and always having to be worse off then them. My parents don’t seem to want to move even though they could if they really wanted to but I just want to experience the feeling of coming home to a different bedroom and having the experience of packing up one’s house, no matter how stressful.

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