Could I be missing University?

I never thought this was possible, but I think in a way I’m missing being in school…

Who would’ve thought… Afterall, I felt ready to jump off a bridge every time I had readings to do for Darren Barney’s next lecture on Theories of Communication (remember falling asleep in class, Hey?) and I was really annoyed with Bélanger’s constant quizzes on readings, which I failed even if I’d read the whole chapter! (Yes, my memory IS that crummy!)

Yet, now I’m missing the adrenaline rush of advertising campaigns and team projects, living vicariously instead through the 1970s Office’s Spacehopper campaign. I’m missing the terribly early Sunday morning meetings at my apartment, trying to develop ideas over oversized cups of strong coffee. Unbelievably, I’m even missing the essay-writing process, mulling over ideas for a couple of weeks and then spending a few days procrastinating, thinking I should start putting the ideas on paper, followed by a bit of panic, a lot of coffee and a couple of late nights to finally finish the essay just in time to get to class fashionably late and hand it in.

Even though I didn’t exactly have an exciting social life during my university years, I really enjoyed myself. Sure, working here is pretty good, but I’m considering getting my marketing certificate over the next few years just for personal enjoyment…

Yeah ok I’m probably mad, and will probably totally regret it once I get started. Maybe all I really miss is the IDEA of university!

3 thoughts on “Could I be missing University?

  1. Andrea

    if i were you i would not go back to university. it was fun while it lasted but once you have left school just be glad it is over. speaking from my own experience, i can now say that doing a PhD was absolutely an insane idea. loads of work, little joy, no fun at all. however, it is up to you but i warned you. 🙂

  2. Vero

    I don’t think I’d go back to Uni in itself, I’d be more likely to get my certificate through the Chartered Institute of Marketing or something similar…

    But I agree in a way, once you’re sitting there with an essay to write, it doesn’t seem as fun anymore!

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