Mais qui êtes vous?

Who are you people visiting my blog? I’ve been looking at the statistics for my blog on a regular basis and the information gathered by Awstats is fascinating!

I'm a dork! For example, the highest number of visits are from the USA. I don’t recall giving the address to my blog to anyone in the US, so it must’ve happened through search engines and blog directories! Second comes the European Union, closely followed by Canada. Now those Canadians, I can bet I know who they are 🙂 It’s good to know they’re still reading me! The UK results aren’t comparable to the visits from the first three countries, even including all my own visits to the blog to update it! Then there’s about 25 more countries, from every part of the world, which is incredible! It makes me want to know who those people are!

When it comes to keywords, the most popular search keyphrase so far this month from Google, Yahoo and MSN search engines have been “If you leave me now” and other variations on the lyrics and content of the absolutely mad Three mobile adverts that I talked about in a previous post. Next, it seems a lot of people like the 1970s Office as much as I do, as it comes up as second most popular search, closely followed by people looking for “honeymoon photos”. A few people searched for sushi in Menorca, somehow I don’t think they’ll have much luck. Better stick to tapas, fresh bread and cheese.

Tadaaaaah Now for the oddest search results, there’s someone who searched for “if you re being chased by a police dog try not to go through a tunnel” and landed on my blog! The total winner for bizarre result is “looking for people who want to have sex”. I mean what kind of weirdo types that into a search engine and expects to find those people?! Which leads to further questionning, how the hell did that lead him/her to MY blog?! Of course, I’m aware I’m only getting myself in trouble here, because the search engines will catalogue this page as well, and it’ll only confuse those desperate weirdos some more!

So all you strangers, leave me comments, however random they are, to let me know you’ve stopped by! I love it!

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6 thoughts on “Mais qui êtes vous?

  1. Vero

    A page rank of 3 isn’t terrible, but it isn’t great either! I used to have a rating of 4 but it went down during the months my site was down.

    Still, I guess, a rating of 3 isn’t too bad for a nobody-site like mine!

  2. Liz


    I randomly came across your page whilst looking for something else. I think it was whilst I was searching for pictures of Red Dwarf. It looked interesting so I thought I’d take a look. V nice page by the way. I really like your Things To Do list. I have my own on a piecce of paper somewhere but it is a good idea to post it on a blog. Then it’s really OUT THERE.
    Anyway, I am 29 and live in Beckenham in Kent, UK. Now that’s one less person reading your blog that you have to wonder about!

    Take care
    Check out my (not as good as yours) page at

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