My living To Do list

This list contains some of the things I want to do at some point in my life. Some are once-in-a-lifetime experiences, some will be ongoing things. Either way, it isn’t a complete list, just a glimpse into what I’d like to see and do! And by all means, it’s going to keep growing!

  • Visit Japan and eat real sushi
  • Eat at a Gordon Ramsey restaurant
  • Go up in a hot air balloon
  • Go to New Zealand to do skydiving
  • Take photography lessons – Take photos of my everyday life to record and remember
  • Go backpacking in the South of France
  • Get back into the habit of reading a book a week at least
  • Take my family for a holiday to Menorca
  • See the following musicals: Miss Saigon (done 18/12/04), Les Misérables (again), Sunset Boulevard, Chicago, Company and RENT (again!)
  • Be in an amateur production of a musical
  • Take a yoga class for long enough to know what I’m doing
  • Work in a foreign country Does living and working in the UK count? 🙂 – I think so
  • Learn to drive a motorboat well enough for Andrew to be able to waterski
  • Start a personal marketing project, go all the way through with it, and succeed at making money out of it!
  • Get the opportunity to blog for a living Sounds like we’re on the way with this one
  • Work for a startup or young fresh business First, Shiny Shiny, and second, Taptu

2 thoughts on “My living To Do list

  1. JulZ

    If you want to skydive in New Zealand, wait for me!
    If you want to backpack in the South of France… I’m in!
    If you want to take us to Menorca, definately wait for me! (and wait for me to find the money)
    If you want to be in an amateur production of a musical… wait for me to write it!:oP

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