Can you smell it in the air?

Can you feel the Christmas atmosphere starting to build up around you? Trying to find out who your Secret Santa is? Finding yourself humming “Have Yourself a Merry Little Xmas” in the shower?

I’m finding this year, I’m looking forward to Xmas, which is unusual. Usually, I’m happy to see my family around that time of the year but that’s where it ends, the rest gets on my nerves to no end! The aggressive selling in shopping centres, the low-budget omnipresent advertising on tv (Who thought Curry’s and Dixon ads could get even MORE annoying than usual?) and the looped tapes of Xmas songs in coffee shops. They usually just make me furious and drive me out of the shops but this year they seem to make me chirpy and I hum along.

Dan is going to kill me for this!
Oooh look who’s in the Xmas mood!

Granted I’ve avoided the shopping centres so far and that’s likely to p*ss me off no matter what, but that aside, I think I might like Xmas this year! Maybe it’s because British Xmas is less commercially rapacious than in North America? Maybe it’s because I don’t feel like freaking out because of University exams while everyone else is starting to get in the mood? Maybe it’s because we picked out £2 Secret Santa names at work today and I’m curious to know who picked me?

Who knows! I’ll just smile, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere taking over the office around Xmas week and most likely end up annoying the crap out of the coworker sitting next to me by singing Xmas carols!!! *passes some Xmas spirit around in the form of mince pies*

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