Get ready to be shot…

…shot in pictures of course!

Andrew and I finally got our new Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P120 digital camera yesterday! Mr. Peps spent the evening taking photos around the living room, trying out the camera’s little features, making me feel like i was being attacked by a paparazzi.

What this means to you is that you’ll be seeing a whole lot more photos from me! Maybe even little videoclips of special events! (I can already see it… Cut to Vero putting a video of herself wiggling her toes on the net. Me so classy!)

We’re such flash bastards!

2 responses to “Get ready to be shot…

  1. awesome! i can’t hardly wait to see your special toe-wiggling event. 😀

  2. I got my Sony P-120 some months ago,too – and still ike it a lot. I never took so many photos of everyday life and everyday situations before.

    Kind regards


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