Wiggle, wiggle!

So what did I say about wiggling toes on the net?

My tootsies
Click on the picture of my
gimpy toes to watch the film!!

Jo, je sais ce que tu penses! C’est pas parce que j’ai bu! 😯 And Andrea, you may not have believed it but it’s happened! How the hell did I get dragged into this? I was only joking when I said it earlier! I’m going to end up with weirdos with a foot fetish on my site this time!

5 thoughts on “Wiggle, wiggle!

  1. Andrea

    Qu’est-ce que tu as bu? 😀 C’est délire!
    i think you must have a great sense of humor. i never thought you would actually do it and post the film in questions.

  2. Mike Soler

    I love your wiggling toes, please post more of your beautiful feet 🙂 Wierdos with a foot fetish, yeap thats me – whats your shoe size btw?

  3. d loves toes

    how about some spreading toes with some wiggleing too,they must smell nice too!LOVE TO SEE MORE,Please a wiggleing toe sole shot,would be real nice!

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