Back in the office…

This weekend was SO lovely! Friday, Andrew and I both took the day off work. I went to register with the local doctor and we went food shopping, then lazied around and enjoyed the rest of the day. Saturday morning, we jetted off early to go to Brighton to see Lisa, Stuart and their new babies! Two adorable little kittens called Barney and Betty. The photos of the cats will be online soon!

We spent the day walking around Brighton even though it was pouring rain, stopping for lunch at a gorgeous little café/restaurant called Seqqara (I think that’s right?) and then at the Easy Bar for a bit of a drink. Had a lovely evening chatting, playing with the cats, watching X Factor and yelling at the tv — Louis Walsh more precisely – and making fun mixed drinks.

On Sunday, we headed to Sevenoaks early to see Kathy & Roy for lunch. It was a REALLY nice Sunday lunch, and we could already feel the Christmas family get togethers atmosphere in the air… During the afternoon, we struggled to make our way to the London Royal Hospital to go see Andrew’s Nan. She seemed to be doing well, and really enjoyed Stu’s gift – a big pack of bubble wrap, now who’s going to annoy the entire ward with bubble popping? Heehee!

Last night, after making our way home, running away from the mad driving in London, we just relaxed and tried to recover!

And today, it’s back to the office, with mountains of things to do, I’m sure!

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