I found my groove

You know that feeling of being overwhelmed by work, of not even vaguely understanding what you’re meant to do with the 15 spreadsheets that have just been emailed over? When the last email from a colleague might as well be written in hieroglyphics, as it would probably make more sense?

Last night, I even had nightmares about work! I haven’t really had nightmares about work/school since early high school when I was dreading sight-reading music tests in front of the class. I guess part of why my subconscious is acting up is that the girl I am currently replacing while she’s on maternity leave is coming to visit work Friday, and returning to the office in a few weeks. No, I won’t suddenly be job-less but it still shook me a bit to know soon the big decision of what permanent position I get will happen.

Tadaaaaah So this morning, we got the good news that a big and unrealistic project had been postponed to late January, after our sales conference. My coworker was so excited, he started singing “Joy to the world!” Then, like a message from the Gods, I suddenly felt illuminated and understood what I had to do on another project.

Now I’m sitting here with my cup-a-soup, feeling way better than when I walked into the office this morning. I’m still nearly drowning under spreadsheets and odd queries, but I’ll battle them and win!

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