Designer Meow

Now this is a scary cat. It’s a cat that won’t make you sneeze, no matter how strong your allergies to kitties are! You can “buy” a kitten now, even though it won’t be available until 2007.

They rely on cloning to produce the perfect hypoallergenic cat. And we thought The 6th Day was being unrealistic hmm? (Before you give me a frontal lobotomy for mentioning that movie, NO, I don’t think it’s any good, it’s just the first cloning movie I can think of… Ya know, when Schwartzie sees ads to clone dead pets? It’s the only bit of the movie I saw, really!)

It makes me feel a bit uneasy to know we’re developing designer beings, whether they’re cats or human babies, it seems to be one huge mistake. Would you buy a designer kitty?

Interesting, Andrea blogged about this as well today!

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