Photos of Lisa's kitties

Some photos from our weekend in Brighton… As you can see, it was all about the kittens! But as we have a new camera now, we can take a whole lot more photos, and I’ll post them all! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Photos of Lisa's kitties

  1. Ntone


    So I am at work on a Saturday, tooking into some Tesco finest sandwiches at lunch, and I tought I would try to find your blog – after about six months of not reading it.

    Google 1st try:
    Vero`s blog
    Lots of people called Vero have blogs, and they often call them Vero`s blog.

    Google 2nd try:
    Vero`s blog + Sawbridgeworth
    Bingo! Two hits, both archieves of your site.

    Now, what can I say. Aside the new banner at the top (been going to Toni & Guy hey?), I`ve noted you`ve become the most prolific blogger I`ve ever read! So loads to catch up on. 1970s office looks great! Pity I don`t have Sky though.

    The lovely people at Royal Mail left my Pipex ADSL modem on the front porch since it wouldn`t fit through the mailbox this morning. Which they TOTALLY shouldn`t do (rather leaving you a note for you to collect it from the local postoffice). What utter, utter A**HOLES! Well, rant over.

    It`s my sister`s birthday today so we`re off out down Upper St for a meal. I`ve bought her a lovely silver and Basam (something like that – semi precious stone) necklace from Liberty. Here`s hoping she`s thrilled.

    Speak to you soon & hope yourself & Andrew are well.


    P.S. Nearly finished reading Douglas Coupland`s Microserfs. It`s very you and if you haven`t read it already, add it to your Santa lists. :o)

    P.P.S I`ve had to replace all the single quote characters in this comment with ` otherwise the MySQL insert statement breaks.

  2. Vero

    Ahh this is why Google checking my site regularly rocks! something like 2000+ visits by Googlebot in a month = good results!

    I’ve fixed the single quotes breaking… it’s all caused by stupid Spam Karma.

  3. Ntone

    Good to get such a swift tech savvy response from ye! So it’s 18:38pm on a Saturday and I’m still at work! The joy. I’ll be working every day til Dec 10th. I’m being allowed off this evening to attend my sisters birthday party, but even that’s being squeezed (“leave as late as possible”).

  4. Andrew

    “I’ve fixed the single quotes breaking… it’s all caused by stupid Spam Karma.”

    hah whatever, you mean my “tech support” fixed it for me.


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