Why blogging is good for you

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while, but interestingly, through Darren, I found 10 reasons to blog.

To me, blogging isn’t about changing the world or yelling out a political opinion. It’s about organizing my thoughts and ideas so they make sense to myself, first and foremost. The fact that family and friends use it to keep track of what the little girl who moved to England is doing is the second most important element. Then there’s that oddly satisfying thought that complete strangers are coming across my blog through that web of bloggers who’ve linked to each other.

If only you knew what you might find: Reading about other people’s lifes and interest got me to expand my horizons and discover new things.

As Marie-Chantale says, by clicking on the favourite links of bloggers you read, you discover new things. I’ve read tons about advertising and marketing through blogs, seen some of the most interesting opinions on new technologies, and god only knows I’ve found out about new music, new cities and new people! Who said being techy and having a blog had to be geeky and anti-social?!

To some, blogging might not appear to have much of a purpose, but to me, it’s like sending a letter or calling my family and friends, letting them know even though I’m far away. Loin des yeux, loin du coeur? Who said it had to be so?

So go on, start writing and let me know, I’ll read you everyday 🙂

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