Crisps and exercise?

Isn’t that a bit of a funny marriage? Crisps make you fat, yet we’ll give you a walk-o-meter and try to get you to associate our brand to fitness!

Let me explain… Walkers Crisps (part of the same family as Lays’ Chips in North America, as far as I understand) are giving away Walk-o-meters for the past few months. We received ours on Thursday, so I wore it to work and started getting annoyed at how this (free) gadget wasn’t working properly.

Result: Andrew took it apart, inspired by this Walk-O-Meter autopsy I found on someone else’s blog. It worked ever so slightly better afterwards but still lost its charm after a few… minutes…

So it was an interesting idea, but I wonder how many people will use it for more than a day. It certainly makespeople discuss the gadget between the time they order it and receive it. Also, no matter how useless the gadget is, I bet it’ll sit on a lot of coffee tables and shelves for a long time, proudly displaying the Walkers logo, before someone actually throws out the free gadget.

In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy their ad campaigns, they’ve always got cute ideas… Poppadom poppadom dom dom!

One thought on “Crisps and exercise?

  1. Ntone

    On which final note I think my breath is going to be curried for a few days after last night’s effort. I’m doing about 3 or 4 currys a week now.

    Starbucks for breakfast again here (at work!). Did manage two minutes to open the ADSL modem package last night, and looked at the microfilters this morning. Ohhhh the fun.

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