Breaking news

Ahoy, ahoy!

I’d just like to point out that I am currently surfing the Interweb while sitting in my pyjamas in bed! Not a single cable in sight, we are now equipped with wireless at home and the laptop battery seems to last well… at least an hour and a half…

So having a look at the neighbourhood, there are a few other wireless networks in the area… heehee let’s see who’s too technology illiterate and hasn’t set a password on the network… *geeks around*

Otherwise, it’s a slow day for Vero News. I’ll be back tomorrow with some thrilling things to share I’m sure…

One thought on “Breaking news

  1. Ntone

    Very cool… I got as far as finding my ADSL isn’t turned on yet (no surprises there). Though the stupidly expensive router does seem to be completely auto configuring (like it’s scary, no installation software at all is required).

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