Now, THAT's a superhero movie!

Second post from the comfort of the bed…

We just walked in from going to see the Incredibles, the latest Pixar animation movie. For those who’ve seen it, was it GOOD or what!? For those who haven’t, get off your bum NOW and GO see it!

It was refreshing to see a bloodless movie, no gore, no guts, and no truly evil violence. It was like hitting someone with a sponge baseball bat, it’s supposed to be violent but you know it ain’t going to hurt.

The Incredibles

I can only praise the more grownup wit of the movie. I’m not sure I’d enjoy it quite as much if I was six, but I’m sure the elastic mommy, the superfast running little boy and the evil Incrediboy with too much Dippity Doo in his hair? They’d entertain anyone!

One of my favourite moments had to be the speech on why superheros shouldn’t wear capes. The voice of Edna, the quirky designer, is such a laugh. I bet Brad Bird, writer and producer of the film – and producer of The Simpsons -, had a real blast recording Edna’s speeches. Yep, ladies and gentlemen, Edna sounded like Nadia from Big Brother for a reason!

Overall, great film. It was a really good laugh to end a really stressful day at the office. I’m sure I’ll be watching it again as soon as it’s out on DVD!

2 thoughts on “Now, THAT's a superhero movie!

  1. JF

    Super fun! great wit! and some sarcastic social comments..I brought my 2 daughters to the opening night. The audience was jubilant. A 9h00 showing with mostly adults..many laughs and some applause at the end (That was us ..and we stay till the end of the credits as usual) … So Vero and Andrew, you know how to enjoy yourselves . bye!

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