Whatever happened to class?

No, this isn’t the beginning of a rant! Don’t run away!

It’s the end of the series for Musicality and Dog only knows why I haven’t blogged about it instead of ranting about the 1970s Office, which was bound to fail.

ChicagoMusicality has a bit of a Pop Idol (or any other * Idol) flavour to it at the beginning. It developed into a serious boot camp for amateur Broadway babies later on.

Towards the end, the five lucky spring chickens were in London’s West End, rehearsing to take over the top roles in Chicago for a single night.

Now, I know I’m a day late, but thanks to Sky Plus, I recorded last night’s final, and I watched it tonight. And I’ll watch it again. And again. And again.

Me. West End. Ticket to see Chicago soon? Yeah I think so. Mass email to my coworkers to find another musical addict? Yeah I think so!

I’m speechless (which is a bit crap when trying to blog, isn’t it??) about how good Rebecca turned out as a Roxie. Caroline was simply fantastic as Velma, a role that involves a lot of dancing. I WISH I was even 5% as good as they are dance-wise. As far as the voice goes, I’ve got an inkling any of us four Séguin girls could play the girls’ roles. But then, dance-wise, we’d crash and burn. Or I would, anyways. Maybe my sisters have some incredible dance skills I’m not aware of!

The boys were fantastic, and even though sweet boy Matthew’s voice weakened at one or two points during the show, he succeeded impressively well in the role of Billy Flynn. He went from shy to slick in a few weeks. I’m a bit of a shy one as well on stage, and having had to step into the shoes of toreador Escamillo when I was 18, I found taking over a big-attitude role a real challenge. Warren reminds me of my old old friend Emmanuelle, Broadway running in their veins, looking as natural as ever on stage.

I think Musicality should definitely come back for a second stronger series. They deserve more budget to produce a more polished series, but if they pick another recent and somewhat-commercial musical, it could be a very popular second child!

Give ’em the old razzle dazzle…

3 thoughts on “Whatever happened to class?

  1. Julz

    J’ai vue Emmanuelle Zeesman à l’Université!! J’ai décidé d’aller voir une pièce de théâtre pour free pour passer la soirée, pis c’était des 4e années qui devaient interpréter/adapter/mettre en scène une pièce déjà écrite.

    Elle jouait un rôle dans “Lunch”, avec un gars. Pas mal bonne, la fille!! “Sex, Violence and Comedy” qui disaient… Ouin ben c’était pas mal ça! Pis quand j’y ai dis, à la pause “Bonjour, c’était super bon… tu sais-tu qui j’suis?” elle a dit “Véronique???” Nooooooo it’s the hair! I knew it!! (J’te niaise, véro)

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