Well, believe it or not…

It just snowed a bit this morning! I mean, A BIT, only a few snowflakes for about 5 minutes, but this is England, it ISN’T supposed to snow at all! Or only once or twice in the whole winter!

Somehow, I think the BBC article reporting how this is meant to be the coldest winter in recorded history is starting to worry me!

*sigh* I don’t like winter :S

3 thoughts on “Well, believe it or not…

  1. Ntone

    Bah, England does get snow my dear, you’re too just young to remember it!

    The English childhood winters of my youth where abound in snow. I remember on more than one occasion falling feet first into snow that was deeper than me.

    Alas, global warming.

    But hey, it *does* make the weather more exciting.

    Three week 38C heatwaves in London.

    Villages on the coast falling into the sea.

    This upcoming winter, which should be killer.

    Oh, and go buy a winter coat!!! (Vero’s mum: can you believe she doesn’t have one yet??!)

    S. (Still at work, 122.5 hour shift, still counting).

  2. Catou

    J’appui le commentaire de Julie, don’t complain…


    ps: il y a eu des super belles aurores boréales l’autre soir! On se croyait au pôle nord!

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