MSN Messenger 7 beta

OooOOooh Who’s tried it so far?

Some interesting new things you can do, like handwriting, nudging (notifying the other person you’re there), winking (sending a cute animation that appears over your MSN window), etc… What sticks out most for me is how easy it will be to get sucked into paying for content, such as extra sets of emoticons, animations, backgrounds.

The biggest users of “fancy” extras on Messenger are young users, and in the UK, payments can be made by mobile phone or debit/credit card. Kids from the age of 10 have their own mobile phones (though parents are footing the bill, they don’t necessarily know where the money goes) and from the age of 12, they can have a Solo card (a debit card widely accepted in stores and for online shopping).

It’ll be interesting to find out how much interest there will be in the pay-to-download content. I personally couldn’t justify paying for MSN backgrounds, but then, I’m not 12 and I know how to create them or find them for free. If I was 12, I’m hoping I’d be spending my money on better things still!

If you’ve used it, let me know how you find it, and give me a nudge! 🙂

3 thoughts on “MSN Messenger 7 beta

  1. Andrea

    oh my, yet another m$ innovation! making people pay for backgrounds and animations – or rather, luring them into it. well, that is hardly new but i guess the subtle way à la m$ definitely is.

  2. Ntone


    Your continuing concern for the young is on display again. Allow me to run a thread in my ear process to listen for the pitter-patter of tiny feet.


  3. Vero

    Oi Steven! No making fun of my altruistic attitude. Because I care for children doesn’t mean I want to have any! God knows I have a hard enough time taking care of myself! 😛

    Andrea – Yep, and neither of us will agree to pay a cent to them, right? 🙂 Pfft the day I pay for that kind of content!

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