Remember my rant about Since the day I posted that, I received three more invitations. One was from a complete stranger but two were from people who I thought were fully mentally capable and able to spot a scam when they see one.

Unfortunately, they completely fell for it and all I can say is, if they have ME in their address book, they must have hundreds of people in there, since they’re old acquaintances.

So everyone, I beg you to warn anyone who sends you the automated email so they send a mass apology/warning to their contacts! If no one stops this chain of emails, that company’s going to make an absolute mint off of you and your friends!

I know complete strangers are coming across my previous post on this topic because of my search results statistics, so it’s worth pointing out again. Regular scams and spams annoy me but this is just really really aggravating and unbelievably cheap-shot of them!

Don’t fall for something as obvious as being asked for your password…

Update 19/12/04: Woops, I was writing, I meant! Thanks for the anonymous poster who pointed it out!

2 thoughts on “ again

  1. Vero

    Thanks for pointing it out! Changed it 🙂

    I guess I made the mistake because so far, most people I know who’ve fallen for the scam are Canadians. Not because they’re dumber, simply because of lack of education on what SMS is all about, I’d say!

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