Some more useless facts

I’ve been having a weird week, a “not feeling like blogging much” week, so here’s a post that didn’t require much thinking…

Storms – Cool or Scary?: Great! Especially when you have big windows or a veranda! *childhood memories*
Favourite alcoholic drink: Sangria, Cosmopolitans and other not-vile-tasting-but-not-too-too-sweet cocktails.
Favourite non-alcoholic drink: Fresh pineapple juice
Finish this statement, “If I had the time, I would…”: have finished all my work by now, and would have gone for a practice drive today. Instead, we went out to finish our Christmas shopping.
If you could dye your hair any colour, what would you choose?: Keep it permanently the gorgeous burgundy colour with purple shades that I had a few weeks ago. It’s now faded to a slightly duller red.
Name the cities/towns you’ve lived in: Rockland, Hull, Ottawa (Canada) and Harlow, Sawbridgeworth (England)
One nice thing about the last person you spoke to: My hubby, the sweetest person ever! What can I say, he’s just great, and rather cute too!
Morning person or night owl?: Neither really, I’m at my best late-afternoon, early evening. I used to be a morning person as a teenager, believe it or not!
Favourite place to relax?: Menorca — on the boat, on the beach, at the villa or at Sa Roca, the restaurant with the most amazing peaceful atmosphere on the face of this earth.
Favourite dessert?: Fudge brownies with vanilla ice cream (made with real vanilla beans)

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