Driving theory for monkeys

Tonight was my first browse into the Official Theory Driving Test Guide I borrowed from a friend. I’m so amused by the kind of questions in the book, and baffled by how many questions in the Alertness section are dedicated to repeating the same question about mobile phones in about 20 different ways! Yes, we understand, driving while on the phone is bad.

Then, the puffin, pelican and penguin crossings come… Who the hell named those?! The day I see a penguin cross the road, I’ll agree with the name… Till then, I’ll call them all “crossings where you get bonus points if you run a couple of people over”, if that’s fine with the Department of Transportation.

2 thoughts on “Driving theory for monkeys

  1. Jowel

    What’s a puffin?…

    Driver’s handbooks are generally just common sense. They should add useful sections like (for Canada) Good techniques to do donuts, How to do fishtails in the snow, how to get your car out of the snowbank, how to get rid of the ice on the windows without breaking the cheap scrapper, etc.
    All that to say, I love winter driving! Really!…except for the cold that comes with it.

  2. Andrew

    Just remember…

    Mirror.. Signal.. Honk.. Shake Fist.. Honk again.. Give Finger.. Foot to the Floor.. Dump the Clutch.. Wheel Spin.. Manoeuvre.

    oh.. and finally, finger up again.

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