RSS Feed readers

Started using FeedDemon 1.11, as I couldn’t keep up with all the blogs I want to read. I’d simply forget to check my bookmarks for a week, and feel like I’ve neglected blogs of interest.

Fantastic tool to track what’s going on with everyone’s blog! Thanks Andrea for the recommendation! Some other people recommended but it didn’t seem to behave the way I wanted it to. FeedDemon literally looks like MS Outlook, so I can organise things in the same way I’ve got them setup in Outlook. Only advantage to and the likes is that I would’ve been able to use it from work as well… but somehow I don’t think that would’ve improved my work productivity, so it’s probably best this way.

RSS Feeds seem to be the way to go to keep track of multiple blogs. Now, I need to fiddle with it a bit more to see if I can track comments on my own blog as well.

Alright… time to take a bath. Looks like I found my blogging mojo again! YEAH BABY! (Oh god, that wasn’t at ALL an intended Austin Powers pun but I guess it’s too late to recover now, isn’t it!? *sigh*)

One thought on “RSS Feed readers

  1. Jay

    I really wish I understood the feeds better. It seems to be eficient. But since I am technologically challenged, I wonder if it might be a little difficult.

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