Feeling good

MmmMmm today’s a good day. It’s a chilled out day at work, and my Christmas cards-writing morning was accompanied by a nice gingerbread skinny latte. (Updated: It was only a half-hour of card writing, and in exchange I didn’t take a lunch break. Yes I work, stop telling me I make it sound like I don’t do any work!!)

Latte, the drink of Gods. Just enough caffeine to get me going but not enough to make me twitch, shake and panic like some other coffees do. Skinny because it gives me the illusion of being less naughty. Gingerbread because it’s the flavour of the week and it’s very festive. Normally, I go for vanilla, or when I’m feeling wild, I go for hazelnut. I tried some of the other flavours over the years, but they just didn’t do it for me. Coconut made me want to gag, irish cream was depressing since it was non-alcoholic, and the rest just didn’t measure up to the calming and soothing flavour of vanilla!

Today’s a day for staying home, cuddled up in the warmth of our draft-free apartment, watching movies and reading what’s happening on my fave blogs. But there’s still a few days worth of work left to be done around here! Oh Christmas holidays, please come soon!

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