First real driving lesson

This is a landmark in my life, I had a driving lesson with actual intention of getting through the lessons and going for my test. The lesson went very well, the instructor’s absolutely lovely and helpful, so I’ve got a good vibe about this. Hopefully in a few months, I’ll have passed and can get on with life pretending I never waited this long to get my license!

Andrew’s looking forward to it just as much as I am, since it means he can now be the one dozing off in the passenger seat on the way back from his parents’ place, and he can be the one having a little tipple when we’re out with friends without worrying about having to drive back. It also means I’ll be able to drive to work, and who knows, possibly become a sales rep and get paid to be on the road and chat to academics!

Ahhh the possibilities are endless! But for now, back to reading that monkey driving test guide. Must buy the Highway Code and the Road Signs book tomorrow.

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