Oxford tomorrow

Tomorrow will be sOoOoOooooo nice! We’re going to Oxford, walking around town in the afternoon, going for dinner at a nice restaurant in the area and in the evening, the ultimate treat, we’re going to see Miss Saigon. I’ve been looking forward to that show for years, I get shivers just listening to the songs!

Oh and yesterday was my first work exhibition alone, or more precisely, my first work exhibition at all! I was a bit nervous to be holding the fort alone when the other publisher present had three people shmoozing with the nursing academics, but it wen’t almost perfectly well. At least now I know what to expect when they ask me to do it again! I’ve been feeling really excited about work, like there’s some good potential of moving up within the company. I’ve got such a great team, I’m looking forward to getting to work in the morning… Well other than for the fact that we have to go outside to get there and the weather’s been awfully shitty recently!

Oh oh one more thing! One week till Christmas… Are YOU ready?

2 responses to “Oxford tomorrow

  1. Jay

    You will love Miss Saigon!

    I am never ready for Christmas-only the conclusion.

  2. Ntone

    Then, at the tender age of 23 years (approx), Vero’s true destiny as script writer for ITV became apparent:

    “One week till Christmas… Are YOU ready?”

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