Friends reunited

Today was a rather entertaining day for me, and a trip down Memory Lane for Andrew! Thanks to one of his old school friend who found my blog through Google and left a message telling Andrew to email him, a bunch of them met up at a pub near their old school to catch up!

What I gathered of the event was that they were very very naughty kids back then! And that they’re all absolutely lovely people now!

Meeting up with old school friends seems to be a growing trend since the Internet became popular among people beyond technogeeks. My mom’s meeting her elementary school friends every few months, my mother in law goes for lunch with her school friends often and now Andrew’s in touch with a growing group of old friends. Some used Friends Reunited, some used email contacts and some simply used trusty ol’ Google!

It’s good to see the net being put to such good social use!

22 thoughts on “Friends reunited

  1. Abdalla

    Hello,My name is Abdalla from Sudan Iwould like to make a friendship with a canadian girl.May you get me in touch with someone? Thank you.

  2. iamdecal

    >>Hello,My name is Abdalla from Sudan Iwould like to make a friendship with a canadian girl.

    hell, so would I 😉 wish i’d thought of this.

  3. prosenjit

    My name is Prosenjit from india I would like to make long termrelation with a canadian girl. May you get me in touch with someone?
    Thank you.

  4. Vero

    Buahahah this one was too good, I had to approve it and let it go through… Word for word nearly what the other one is.

    I wonder if this is a new version of the 419 Nigeria scam? Most likely.

  5. Ian Atkins

    I am searching for a long lost girlfriend whom I know emigrated to Canada in the 1970’s, probably about 1973/74.
    She was a Physiotherapist who was born in England, Nottingham in 1951. She worked in a hospital in a city on the East Coast of Canada when she forst arrived. Can you help me or advise me how to find her?

  6. heather moorcroft

    Hi – Its been a long time, I’m living in Toronto and still working part-time as a physio.
    One of my patients was checking me out and found this site.
    I have poor computer skills but have enclosed my E-mail. I hope you receive this and I’ll look forward to hearing from you. All the best Heather

  7. Ian Atkins

    FANATASTIC….this is MY Heather !!!!!
    I would have cried for the rest of my life if I had never heard from you !!!! It’s a partof my ‘life-jigsaw’ that has been missing for many years.
    Although we have been our seperate ways, I have so often thought of you and how your life has turned out.
    I’m still living in Birmingham, in Bournville, not far from Selly Oak Hospital. I left the NHS in 1994 and moved to the Private sector whilst I studied to become a teacher. I started teaching secondary science in 1998 and have just completed 10 years. PLEASE please can we get in touch somehow!!!! I hope VERO will put us in touch with each other…this is a true miracle !!!
    My e-mail address is or
    I hope we can catch up on these missing years. Love
    Ian x

  8. Ian Atkins

    Well I am so flabbergasted yet quite excited at having rediscovered my former girlfriend who emigrated to Canada all those years ago.
    Heather was a gorgeous physiotherapist, with long blonde hair and a figure to die for ! She worked in the NHS in Birmingham and I was a mere Medical Laboratory Scientific Officer (lab tech).
    I was sitting in the social club one evening with a friend of mine called Naz. We saw two very attractive ladies sitting alone at a table, so my friend suggested we ask if we might join them. I was eager but doubtful of a positive reply.
    To my amazement, we were encouraged to sit and chat. I was google-eyed over…Jane …. Heather’s friend !!!
    But Heather was incredibly attractive too !! (Ha! Ha!…I can see Heather fuming here !)
    We chatted and had another drink before bidding the ladies goodbye. I was so nervous that I never even asked either lady if we could meet again.
    Our paths never crossed again until a ‘Disco’ (very 70’s) in a lodge above one entrance to the Hospital at which we were working.
    I was standing at the bar with a drink eyeing the ‘talent’ when a lady came up to me and started chatting…it was Heather ! She explained that she was with her friend Jane and her boyfriend John and another guy who was NOT Heather’s boyfriend, just a friend. She asked me if we could meet again on a date. YES she asked me. Why are men so insecure ?
    I was gob-smaked and kissed Heather passionately on the lips and said “Yes” and we arranged to meet the following Tuesday evening. She then returned to the guy she had arrived with. I was rather coy as I did not want to get beaten up !!!!
    Next episode to follow xxxx

  9. Ian Atkins

    Vero….just a note to you to thank you for producing this site….even if nothing else ever comes of this…I am so grateful that I found my long lost girlfriend Heather, still well and living in Canada. I thought this was a long-shot but you hit the jackpot for me. Remembering a time, long ago, when love and romance, passion and fun was part of my life. I am happy with my life now but always wondered what had become of my dearest friend and what ‘might-have-been’. Thanks again,
    p.s. our story continues on here…see the next episode… to follow

  10. Heather

    Vero, thanks from me too. A month has passed and he’s got me remembering old times but I don’t think I’ll go down the road of what might have been but prefer to follow the road of what’s to come! It’s only a couple of months ago that I threw out the only birthday card that I ever received in a box which Ian gave me in 1973 (they don’t make them like that any more I don’t think)- He also gave me a blue watch which I still have.
    We still have lots to catch up on and expect there will be fun if we start exchanging photos after 35 years, I’m willing if Ian is.
    We’ll stay in touch, Heather

  11. Ian Atkins

    Ahhh….Heather you are an old romantic after all !!!
    I can not believe that you kept an old birthday card and present for about 35 years !! Perhaps you had a feeling that we might ‘get-in-touch’ again one day. I never gave up hope of finding you, even though I wrote to the Institute of Charted Physios, tried ,although I agree we have to look forward to what’s to come in our lives. My daughter, Deborah gets married on March 28th this year, so that is in my immediate thoughts, plus I start a new teaching job, still in Birmingham, on April 7th. So life is good !!!
    I hope your treatment is successful and that you recover full health.
    I am a few (lot) pounds heavier than when we dated but you would recognise me as I have very few grey hairs, and still my own teeth. Would love to exchange pics etc.
    I will e-mail you soon. I’ll enter Episode two of our ‘early years’ on here soon.
    Ian xx

  12. Ian Atkins

    Heather and Ian 1970’s part two !!!

    Well, we met on our first date and I was rather in awe of Heather. I had never been asked out by a gal before, especially not when she was with another guy at the time. She was MUCH older than me…about 6 months ! (Ha! Ha!)

    We enjoyed each others company and had evenings in when Heather would cook, although I offered, we had parties when everyone from the Hospital seemed to attend, and we seemed to drink a lot ! We used to travel everywhere on public transport as neither of us drove at the time.

    Amazingly I gave up alcohol in 1975 !!! I have not even tasted alcoholic mouthwash since then! We probably would not be so compatible now as I know Heather still enjoys her ‘POP’ !

    I used to play football for the Hospital team every Sunday, now I just watch the games. My local team is West Bromwich Albion, and we have had success and failure, regularly over the years.

    I remember getting a pulled muscle in a game and asked Heather if she could treat me. Her response was very ‘frosty’ … she then had to ask her Supervisor. My friends all thought it was so cool to be dating a Physio. They thought it would be all ‘free’ massages and the works. Well, sorry, no massages. Heather was able to treat me with some electrical equipment, out-of-hours, in the Physio department at the hospital, but I had to sign a disclaimer in case she ‘burned’ me !!!!

    My mate Nazir, said to me, “You’ll end up marrying Heather!”…I said “No way!”….not because it had never crossed my mind…but because when we met, Heather made me PROMISE not to get ‘sloppy’, ‘romantic’ or ’emotionally’ attached. Now that was what I promised…but NOT what I felt. Was I a man or a mouse ?

    After a few months, I felt that I wanted to ‘commit’ more to Heather, but I always remember my ‘promise’ to her. I was so brave that I phoned her and she sensed something in my voice and asked, “Is this it then ?” . I said, “Yes, sorry!”

    We did not see each other again for a few weeks, until a week or so before Christmas. I saw Heather in the Hospital corridor and she invited me to a party at Salisbury Road to welcome in the New Year, I think! I said I would love to attend as long as I could bring a few mates. I was scared to go on my own !!! (Mouse!)

    Within a few minutes of entering the house, Heather gave me a drink and we started chatting but she had other guests to talk to. I thought she looked wonderful and wanted to ‘dance’ with her. We danced and then chatted and I was brave enough to kiss her. She was rather taken-a-back at first. She told me that she never wanted to finish with me and it was her friend and house-mate Jane who had encouraged her to invite me to the party so that we might get back together again.

    We stayed friends for a while but I don’t recall why we ever stopped going out ! Perhaps Heather can fill-in the gaps here.

    The next thing I know, a few months later, is that she is emigrating to Canada. I was gob-smacked. I asked her if I could write to her. She did leave me her address.

    I had a friend in South Africa and another in New Zealand. So with Heather off to Canada, I was getting the low-down onlife abroad in the Health Service from different English-speaking countries. I was quite keen to travel and work abroad at that time but could not decide where.

    We wrote for a few months, and I remember a picture Heather sent of her outside a huge house and she standing in the snow, wearing large furry boots…plus other clothes too!!!

    It was around this time that I met a nurse at a ‘Disco’ in Selly Oak Hospital. 2 years later, she would become my wife.

    I went on holiday to Morroco with some mates, hoping to ‘pull’ but found very confused…thinking of Heather…now in Canada, and thinking of my new friend in UK.

    As distance and time made the feelings less strong, my friendship with Linda developed and we got married in 1977.

    Her family are very religious, born-again Christians, and we have had a very happy life being blessed with four amazing children. My daughter gets married on March 28th 2008, she is 28 on March 4th. I have three handsome boys aged 26, 22 and 20.

    I took a career change and left the Health Service in 1998 to become a Science teacher. I have just completed 10 years and have a new challenge at another school, starting in April 2008.

    Only Heather and I can fill in those ‘missing’ years.

    But…VERO…. thanks for making this ‘re-union’ of truly loving old friends happen.

    Heather…it’s over to you.
    Ian xx

  13. Heather

    Final chapter.
    Vero you probably thought we’d never finish. My memory is nowhere near as sharp as Ians but I seem to remember another of my bad habits being somewhat pivotal and that was smoking or rather the trying to quit and the stresses involved. I’m pleased to report that I do at least have one less bad habit now.
    I found an old photo of Ian cutting the lawn of the house on Salisbury road where I used to live, didn’t even realize I had it and now I’ll just have to wait to receive a newer version for a comparison of the before and the after.
    Once again Vero thanks for providing the opportunity for us to connect after all those years
    All the best Heather

  14. Ian Atkins

    Well….this is quite amazing getting in touch with Heather again !
    I wonder why Heather’s memory is not so sharp as mine ? She is really MUCH older than me…about 6 months !! Ha ! Ha ! Life is good at present, my daughter gets married on 28th March, my favourite football club West Bromwich Albion, play in the FA Cup semi-final on the weekend of 5/6 April and I start a new teaching job on 7th April….. oh…and yes, I have been able to get in touch with my long lost love HEATHER xxx
    I recall how well we got on together and how we enjoyed each others company. We never had an argument in the time we were together….Heather wore the trousers…literally, as part of her Physio Uniform. She looked quite stunning in her white top and navy blue trousers.
    My vice was alcohol, or the excess of it, at certain times. I have been ‘on-the-wagon’ since 1975 !!!
    Nowadays, my vice is watching football !
    Please,please write again soon my amazing OLD friend, Heather.
    Ian xx

  15. Ian Atkins

    HAPPY EASTER to you all…especially the lovely HEATHER…and of course the special VERO…whose blog has brought us in touch again !!!
    Ian xxx

  16. Ian Atkins

    Hi Heather,
    I hope I have not ‘overstepped the mark’ as I have not heard from you for a couple of weeks.
    My daughter was so beautiful at her wedding on Mar 28th. Her and her hubby are off in the Maldeves.
    I was a really proud Daddy !
    Had a few ‘blubs’ during the speech but made it OK.
    I start at my new school tomorrow, 7th April. Rather nervous but very excited.
    We had our first snow of the year, about 3″ today, but it disappeared by the end of the day as the sun melted it all.
    A lot more is forcat for tonight…but hey…what do weather forcasters know ? Normally I luv snow and want an extra holiday from school, but I am hoping I can get in tomorrow ok.
    Please drop me a line on here or via e-mail. I am missing you already.
    Ian xxx


    I would love to make contact with Lynda Goddard (nee Blackwell). We were at Stoke Damerel High School in Plymouth, Devon, UK, together in the early 1960s.

    I know Lynda married Geoff Goddard in about 1969 and had a daughter, Lisa, and son, Morgan. They emigrated to Canada around the same time and sadly I mislaid her address.

    She had two sisters, Helen and Clare and her father was called Basil.

    We had such a lot of fun together it would be wonderful to get in touch with her again.

  18. Stevie

    Dear Vero,
    I’m trying to find a girlfriend Emma Bond who emigrated to Mississauga in the early 1970s. She was married to a guy called Nick Bond but I believe they got divorced so her name might have changed. We were best girlfriends working for British Airways at the West London Air Terminal and she was my bridesmaid when I got married to a guy called Fletcher …long gone 🙂
    I’ve tried everything to find her so if you could suggest a canadian website I’ll keep searching
    Thanks vero

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