What a fantastic show!

I’ve been itching to blog about the show from the minute I got out of it! Miss Saigon was AMAZING!

To answer my sisters’ first question: All singers had great voices!

Chris had the most effortless smooth voice, making anyone else I’ve ever heard performing that song pale in comparison. Kim had a slightly too edgy voice, but overall, the emotions in her voice gave me shivers the whole way through. The scene where she finds Ellen in the hotel room where she expects to find Chris was amazing, I was bordering on tears!

The one role that surprised me was the Engineer – I somehow didn’t realize how big and colourful the role was! The tiny man (Jon Jon Briones – Original London Cast) made a big impression. The American Dream was a bit of a weird number, with a highly unnecessary animation on a screen in the background of the Statue of Liberty becoming a hot woman, followed by the engineer unclassily humping a dollar sign. But I guess it is meant to be overblown, showing how he conceives America.

Kim & Tam So, fantastic show, I recommend it to absolutely everyone. It’s dramatic, not tacky or cheesy, with a touch of history. Mmmm still gives me shivers just to think of it!

Unfortunately, this photo isn’t from our show. It wasn’t really possible to take photos during the show… So this is Lea Salonga, Goddess of dramatic broadway roles, in an earlier tour of Miss Saigon.

On a side note, I *will* murder anyone who shows up at a show with a box of individually wrapped chocolates! I wanted to punch the people behind me who were uuuuunwrraaaaappping them sloooooowly making more noise than anything! Argh, will people never learn!?

Here are the only three decent photos of last night… One of Andrew wearing the silly moustache we got in a Christmas cracker at Beefeater where we ate before the show, one of me laughing after I lost the same moustache (my nose isn’t big enough!) and finally… a sneaked photo of Kim with another girl before Dju Vui Vai, her wedding ceremony. Unfortunately it’s the only one that came out semi-well…

Andrew Vero Miss Saigon

One thought on “What a fantastic show!

  1. Emma

    OMG i just got bak from the Aussie premier for miss saigon then!!! jeese louise its so bloody gud!! ive seen quite a few musicals [lion king, boy from oz, cats, annie, chicago etc.] but that has gotta be THE BEST SHOW IVE EVA SEEN!!! it plays with ur emotions so much, the singing and acting was fabulous, the dancing and choreography wer well done [a bit raunchy at times 😛 but still very gud] and the set design and lighting and stuff was very cleverly put together! i loved it!! 10/10 for me, i was cryin like a baby in the last scene haha but my tears wer proof it was movin haha i dnt cry in shows much… actually i dnt think i eva hav 😛 anyway im off… haha i kno this was a random blog comment msgy thing lol i dnt even kno u but meh urs sounded intresting and i stumbled across it on a search so thought id leave a msg 😀

    hav gud weekend
    xXo em

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