RENT as a movie?!

Ok, I got to grips with the idea that someone was going to make a movie interpretation of the Phantom of the Opera, probably causing irreparable emotional damage to anyone who loved the original musical. But that someone, however talented, imagined making a movie version of RENT makes my skin crawl! It’s blasphemy!

Rent, my amigos is due!Granted, it’ll be directed by Chris Colombus, of Harry Potter fame, but he also created the horrors known as the Home Alone movies. Hopefully, he has repented for his sins and will stay on the right path with RENT. Interestingly enough, the original RENT cast started doing the show in 1996, and now, nearly 10 years later and 10 years older, they’re getting ready to jump on stage to make a movie version. They must be, well, getting on a bit, no? They probably are the best people to play the roles as far as depth of character, and as we all know, Hollywood makeup can make anyone look as young or old as we like.

Anyways, no need to get my knickers in a bunch over whether it’ll be good or bad, it’s only just gone into production and might not even make it to the screens. In the meantime, I’ll be keeping a close eye on the situation. What’s everyone else’s gut feeling on this?

4 thoughts on “RENT as a movie?!

  1. Jesse

    They have the trailer online now, and it looks like Chris Columbus has done an excellent job. I was a bit scared at first too, but when I heard that the original cast was going to be in it my fears subsided a bit, and now the trailer looks awesome too! Can’t wait!

  2. dziga

    There is a guy in real life whom the character “Mark Anthony” is based on–his name is Paul Garrin, who among other things is known for breaking the story on the infamous Tompkins Square Park Police Riot that took place in 1988 in the East Village. Paul became known as the “Man with a Video Camera”, and could be seen carrying his video camera with him everywhere, often finding himself videotaping the police and the many riots that went down in the East Village during the 80’s and early 90’s. more about Paul Garrin: see his famous clip “Man with a Video Camera” rtsp:// or buy his videotape “By Any Means Necessary” which chronicles the housing struggles in the East Village between 1988-1991 that inspired the story behind RENT. go there and click on “video” (or “tapes). You can view a sample clip there, and order the video online.

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