Kamloops goes WiFi

An interesting tidbit of Canadian news, found through Rob and Darren:

Kamloops in British Columbia (that’s in the Western part of Canada for the geographically-impaired) is going to become the first Canadian town to offer city-wide WiFi access! I wouldn’t have imagined it to be a technology hub where this kind of hi-tech experiment takes place, but it’s good to see someone is taking the risk! Who’s picking up the tab? The city? The users? Or the companies developing the network?

Either way, it’s an exciting experiment and I’m looking forward to seeing whether the Canadian government uses it as a way to minimize the ever-growing digital divide between those with Internet access and those who live in the middle of nowhere and have little to no way to access the net. It’s a fantastic opportunity, but it will all depend on how well the project is managed. Let’s hope for the best!

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