Pocket Goodness

Oh where to start with this amazing gadget?

I’ve had my Pocket PC (Dell Axim X30 High) for a few days now, and so far, I’ve found a few good bits of software. I found a fantastic Today Screen creator and created a nice cherry blossom theme for it, setup a couple of email accounts, used MSN Messenger and found a handful of good games. Over the next few weeks, I’ll need to decide which ones are worth paying for, as most aren’t freeware.

I’m still looking for:

  • A good screenshot app
  • Lots of good ebooks
  • Good little plugins for the Today Screen
  • A better list-making app than Listette
  • I’ll also setup my blog to have a PocketPC-friendly version, and a way to blog from it, over the next little while, so I can post while I’m out of town. So far, I’ve streamed movie trailers, streamed live webcam and music, surfed the interweeb a-plenty, IRC’ed… What I really like is that when at home, it hooks onto our wireless network easily, and synchs with the main computer without a glitch! What can I say? I love mobile techmology!!!

    I could use some recommendations on good apps and useful links, so fire away!

    6 thoughts on “Pocket Goodness

    1. nix

      Hey there!

      I’ve been a PocketPC fan for a while. My favourite apps are:

      Pocket Informant – this has to be the best of all – contact management, all that kind of stuff.

      The best place to get information is Geekzone


      PS: just saw your site thru’ WordPress – its good. I like it anyway 🙂

    2. Vero

      Thanks for the recommendations 🙂 They’re the kind of sites I’ve looked at before but I appreciate hearing what other sources people use!

    3. Bes Tari

      I bought a second hand pocket pc in 2003. I use it mainly to record ideas. Very convenient. I find that it’s easier to record notes than to write on PDA. Unfortunately, it’s easier to review written notes than to re-listen to your recorded notes. I guess you can’t win every time.
      Whenever I go to seminars, I bring my pocket pc along. It can really record up to 5 hours, assuming your pda is fully charged. Amazing!
      By the way, I use NEC pocket pc 2002

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