You just can't beat having a personal jukebox

So, I’ve already talked about the Pocket PC Andrew got me for Christmas, a gadget that never ceases to impress me!

As Andrew and I are both technology fiends, I got him a blue iPod mini. He had already sorted his music by category so it didn’t take long to copy music over. The most painful period was the hour-long first battery charge on Christmas morning! Since then, it’s been amazing to use!

ipod and itrip

What would be great to use with it is the Griffin iTrip, a mini radio transmitter that can be used to broadcast a short-distance radio signal from the iPod mini. For example, the iPod could be in your pocket or in the glove compartment plugged into the iTrip, and the radio station can then be set to receive the mini-pirate-station broadcast. Unfortunately, these are illegal in the UK and we wouldn’t *dare* go against the law, would we?

I can’t imagine it’d be easy to use in London, since there are an insane amount of pirate radio stations on top of all the legitimate ones. It would work a whole lot better in places like Menorca where there’s only a few radio stations. The quality is apparently better than any tape adaptors once a good “empty” space in the radio frequencies is found, and it’s certainly less hassle and wires! To those who live outside of the UK (or the Brits who can handle putting their morals in the backseat for a while…), it’s a fantastic cheap gadget!

Oooh how I love my technogadgets! 🙂

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