Oh yeah…

Forgot to mention, we had a fantastic New Year’s eve. We organised to have dinner with our downstairs neighbours, Jerome & Nicky. We started around 8pm with cheese fondue, followed by a chinese broth fondue consisting of fresh salmon, tuna, prawns and steak dunked in a really fragrant broth.

Later on, we went out for some fresh air and fed the leftover bread from the cheese fondue to the ducks, waking them up in the process… Andrew nearly pulled off an “About A Boy” by whacking a duck on the head with some of the dry bread.

We then rushed back indoors, realizing it was nearly midnight and time to watch the Big Ben event on tv. We followed that by a nice big slice of Bakewell tart lovingly made by Nicky (and a bit of help from her mum!) and a little jig on the Dance mat for a laugh. Around 1:30-2am, we decided it was time for bed, and headed back to our apartment. I love being able to get home on my socks…

Of course, the late food, the quantity of food, and the sugar in the Bakewell tart made for a rather restless sleep but I still count this as one of our most successful fondue nights and a nice way to spend New Year’s eve.

I hope everyone else’s New Year’s eve was good too!

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