Kent to be WiFied too!

Well I’ll be damned! I was amazed by Canada’s plans to make Kamloops a WiFied area, but the same is happening much closer to where I live as well!

In an exciting article about the upcoming technological changes we should expect in 2005, the BBC announces that Kent (where Andrew’s parents live!) could be the lucky county:

This wireless technology can boost data transmission speeds up to 75 megabits per second and works over distances of up to 30 miles. Kent is likely to be the site of the UK’s first Wimax network which is due to go live in 2005 and it could be the way that rural areas get high-speed net access.

I’d be thrilled if I had easy WiFi access on my Pocket PC no matter where I am! It’ll be interesting to see how the project develops in comparison with the Kamloops experiment.

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