LAL – Warm Belly High Power

MmmMmmm I love LAL. Their first album, Corners, was one of the top-played album out of anything I own for a few years…

LAL at Grapefruit MoonNow, I’ve discovered their latest album, thanks to Pearl blogging about it! Still can’t give a thorough review yet, as I haven’t even listened to the full album once… Listening to music at work really doesn’t do a new album justice, so I’ll have to give it a few listens then I’ll comment.

But for the moment, the mood it puts me in is great for focussing on work that needs to be done.

Talking of focus… back to work!

Update 05/01/05: This album’s great, just like Corners, it’s the amazingly glowing and peaceful mood the music puts me into that makes me listen to it repeatedly. I wish I knew more about LAL, as their website doesn’t say a huge amount.

Support Canadian artists, get the album!

2 thoughts on “LAL – Warm Belly High Power

  1. josette

    I know this might come as a late reply, but I was just checkin’ your page Véro and I saw this post on LAL. I had the chance to go see the show at the Black Sheep Inn in Wakefield. Quite impressive. The mood of the show was a bit odd as the setting might’ve not fitted the style of these artists…and it seemed like movin’ around or any attempt at dancing was not very much welcomed…even by incredibly talented dancers!
    Bottom line, it was a nice relaxin’ show which introduced me to great new canadian talent!

  2. Jean

    When I first heard this album was on a show at “Buddies In Bad Times Theatre”. It was maybe 15 seconds since I started to listen to it, and I was already inloved with the music. after the show, I bought the CD, and let me tell you; Is one of the best CDs I have. There is not much to say, but that its great.

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