Coffee is so good but so bad… I love my little vanilla latte on a Friday morning but it turns me into a stressball… It doesn’t particularly wake me up, it just makes me feel wired and tense!

I’d say I’ll quit drinking coffee, but I know it’s not going to happen.. Maybe I should try decaf… Wow that’ll be a mouthful at 9am! “Hi Vanessa, can I get a skinny decaf vanilla latte?” *passes out on coffee shop counter*

2 thoughts on “Caffeine

  1. Ntone

    Do it!!

    My new zero caffeine / zero chocolate / zero crisps / zero soda regime is paying dividens. It may be detoxing my body like crazy, but I can really taste food again.

    The folks at diet coke are doing their best to twart me.

    They’ve been giving away cans of diet / diet vanilla / diet twist of lemon coke all week at Liverpool Street Station.

    I got six cans today, for my flatmate, of course. 🙂

  2. Tzar

    Girl, once you started, you might wonder what was all the fuzz about having to HAVE some coffee…

    I am clear of java for one and a half month!
    And although being an addict before I can say I do not miss it really!

    read more on my site…

    Chrz, love your site!


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