Adoption tv game show

A TV station in the US has refused to show a controversial new series where adopted children try and pick their birth father – and win a cash prize. But only one of the 182 Fox affiliates refused the show. Who’s Your Daddy promises $100,000 (£52,000) to the contestant if she correctly identifies her father.

Ok, so one out of 182 stations had the decency to refuse a reality tv show that went too far. The others must just have dropped any moral sense so long ago, all that matters now is the ratings. I mean, seriously, what a sick twisted show? Adoption shouldn’t be trivialized that way. I’m sure the first-time experience of meeting a parent after so many years wondering who they are is a personal experience, and not something to be broadcasted to the world. In many cases, the mother had to be in a tough situation to decide to give away her child for adoption, so who wants to discover their mother was a runaway-from-home drugged up teen in front of a large public?

Shows like Joe Shmoe are already borderlining on pathetic bad taste and voyeurism, but this one just crosses the line. Hopefully, it won’t make it to Britain. Ah who am I kidding, ITV or Channel 4 will happily buy it and make the average IQ of the British citizen go down a notch.

My new 2005 resolution should be to ban as much American tv from my life as possible.

One thought on “Adoption tv game show

  1. Joshua

    I saw the first episode (or at least as much as I could stand before I turned it off), and I have to say that was some sick shit. Here is the poor girl (although I don’t have much sympathy given that she went on the show) standing in front of 8 men who are all going around saying “I’m your father”. The worse part was it had this perverted dating game like atmosphere as they all stood around sipping cocktails as she tried to get to know them to figure out who was here real father.

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