January 9th – International Boredom Day

Today’s a gloomy boring day… I hate Sundays, unless I did something really exciting on the Saturday.

When Saturday’s spent as a relaxing, chilled out day, Sunday ends up being a long ok-well-it’s-almost-Monday-now wait for the weekend to end. That’s what’s happening this weekend… Napping on the sofa, reading a bit, too rainy and grey to want to go outside, blogging about how boring my day is…

Ok, I’m even bored by this post now… I give up!

Here’s something vaguely entertaining and vaguely related to my previous post about reality tv shows:
Mona Lisa


3 responses to “January 9th – International Boredom Day

  1. ugh

    Way to stereotype an entire country. Good going.

    (Sarcasm if you couldn’t tell.)

  2. Bless… Canadians and Brits are well versed in sarcasm, you didn’t need to flag it up for me.

    Sense of humour failure much?

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