Presenting the new iPod Shuffle

This newly unveiled gadget by Apple was released today. It made me squeal with excitement so be ready to be amazed too!

Shuffle with Gum

I am in awe at how clever the iPod Shuffle is, at how on-par the simplicity of it is, and at how great the unveiling timing is!

To start with, the iPod Shuffle is at it’s most basic a USB key, with either 512MB or 1GB of space on it. It’s tiny and dinky, about the height of a pack of Trident gum or the size of a big keyring and has only basic controls and no display screen. It also weights 0.78 ounces – Yes, you read it right, less than an ounce in weight!

Being in the iPod family, it still has that stylish look, and the ever-popular name. But even if we put aside the fact that it IS Apple’s new protégé, the white rounded edges and the cool control pad give it enough of a headstart style-wise on the similar-sized mp3 players. With up to 12 hours of playback and 16 hours of music stored on it, it’s no half-baked player! If need be, it can be used to store work files or images to transfer between work and home as well!

So the iPod nuts got their fix this Christmas, leaving behind people who either didn’t need as much space as the iPod Mini offered and those who couldn’t afford it. It costs a mere $99USD (512MB) or $149USD (1GB) and suits perfectly that “other” market, who was left with second-rate mp3 players before the advent of the iPod Shuffle.

Between the iPod Shuffle and the Mac Mini, which was also released today, Apple is definitely gaining a place in the hearts of the mainstream technology market. What else can I say? Sheer genius on their part!

2 thoughts on “Presenting the new iPod Shuffle

  1. Joshua

    I just sat down and watched the stream of the Keynote from Macworld. Very cool. . . I’m definitely thinking about getting the iPod Shuffle but I’m not convinced that the simple prev. track/next track will be a satisfying way of going through music. But at $99 who am I to argue 🙂

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