"For Those Who Love Life"

Coca Cola’s latest campaign is directed at the members of the ever-growing religion that has becoming the Diet. If during the festive season we see a number of Christmas Christians, in January we certainly see as many New Year’s dieters join the worshipping of gods such as Dr. Atkins, South Beach and Dr. Phil.

Coca Cola have even invaded my office today! We received vouchers for a free Diet Coke when we walked into the building and at lunch time, a towering mountain of Diet Cokes greeted us near the canteen entrance. I heard that the giveaway of free cans of drink last week in Liverpool Street was of monumental proportions, leaving some people with an entire case of cans as they walked through!

Now, I’m no preacher as I haven’t been to the gym in the past month and a half, but people on diets like Atkins can’t claim to be health conscious – if only they realized how much damage they are doing to their body by cutting out essentially all vitamins found in fruits. Drinking Diet drinks won’t do anything more than give people a slightly less guilty conscience. Smart move on Coca Cola’s behalf to choose this time of the year though!

I very well know what I need to do to be healthy, and it doesn’t involve buying the books of any of the recent pop-culture Diet Doctors. I need to get off my big bum, go to the gym, bike or walk more. I need to cut out Pringles and choccies for a while and it’ll all happen!

This is going to bring on guaranteed “go to the gym!” nagging but it must be done!

3 thoughts on “"For Those Who Love Life"

  1. Andrew

    I was having a conversation about this with someone just the other day. The media keeps changing their mind on what dieters need to do that is most effective, and it is turning out the dieting fads that were once killer ideas just aren’t as effective anymore. What they NEVER change their mind on are the basics: healthy eating, moderate exercise, active livestyle. Those things never go out of style, and they never stop working to promote health.

    Nice blog, btw. RSSing it right now…

  2. Jowel

    Health Sciences student says: there’s no easy way to lose weight or to stay very healthy. eating vegies and exercising are not much fun for most of us. But I’m so grateful for those diet sodas! I don’t really see a difference in taste though, so that helps. But the first reason I love’m is not because of caloric issues but because they give your teeth a break! There’s so much sugar in one can of regular Coca Cola that a regular drinker gets tons of cavities, trust me, someone I know had to pay thousand of dollars to get that fixed, and it was obviously largely caused by sodas. So anyways, all that to say making the switch is a good idea…

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