Waterloo 09:34 – Marne-La-Vallee 13:24

Today was a much-needed slacking off day after a rushed week at work. Unfortunately, the rush isn’t over. Tomorrow, I’m catching the train at 7:08am to get to London and taking the Eurostar from Waterloo direct to Eurodisney, East of Paris.

I’ll be there until Friday evening for my work’s European sales conference. Now that the hard work and preparation is done, it’s time to go enjoy myself, meet all the people I’ve been emailing for years but have never met, and hopefully get a chance to sneak out to Paris for a bit!

We’ll have the Wednesday afternoon free so I’ll hopefully go to Paris, look around according to some recommendations I’ve had from friends and family, and most likely go for a meal with my work team in the evening.

So what this also means is that I’ll be posting less between now and Saturday. We should have access to an Internet Cafe near the conference center where we’ll be spending most of our time so I’ll try to post little updates every couple of days. Once I get back, I’m sure I’ll be posting a few photos , especially if we go into the Disney Park for a bit on Wednesday afternoon!

For now, time to finish preparing my suitcase and get a good night of sleep!

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