Now in Paris

The Eurostar journey was nice and chilled out, even though there were lots of children (thanks to the iPod that cut out any ambient noise) and I’ve arrived safe and sound.

Now we’ve got some free time until dinner and I’ve sneaked over to the Internet cafe that’s been setup for us in one of the rooms. It’s great, might even mean I can get a short post in everyday!

Tonight is a somewhat informal dinner for everyone to get together and have some drinks. We’ll get a little speech from the big boss, then we get to socialize and get organised. I ran into my manager quickly, but we haven’t had a chance to talk yet.

I’m already looking forward to Wednesday afternoon when we get a chance to go to Paris on our own! Should be fantastic! Oh and there I was, trying to find out what to do in Paris, killing myself for forgetting to order a book on Paris through work – We’ve been given Time Out Guides to Paris (which we publish) to help us find our way around! I’ll definitely give it a good read before Wednesday!

Alright, time to go join my manager and unpack some boxes! Time to get this conference in gear!

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