Getting a bit of a breather

Today was day 3 of the conference presentations. It’s going very well, I’m impressed with the participation on the part of the sales reps who have to sit there all day.

I can hardly string a sentence together at the moment, I’m so tired! I’m amazed at how well my managers are handling the long days of presentation though! Lana had a full day of Computer Science presentations yesterday, got hardly any time to breathe between sessions, yet still had some kind of energy at the end of the day!

Finally putting faces on the names of all the people I’ve been in touch with all over the world has been the most interesting part of the conference for me. Some are just as I’d imagined them and some were unexpectedly different! I also got to meet one of our authors who is absolutely lovely and seemed to enjoy being here with us.

Tonight will be rather low-key, unlike last night. We’ll be going for a nice meal at 8pm and then I’ve got a feeling everyone’s going to crash early. Tomorrow night is the final Gala, and we’ve got a long day before that, so we need to save our energies a bit.

Hmm I’m really starting to miss my own bed… I’ll be a happy bunny when I’m home on Friday night!

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