What a start to the year this month has been…

I haven’t been posting much interesting stuff over the past few days, but I’ve been taking it easy as I wasn’t feeling great.

At work, the wind has taken me over to a different department… Ok, it wasn’t the wind, but circumstances have landed me in a new department temporarily, but doing essentially the same job. It was unexpected but I chose to take it as a positive experience. It’ll give me a different perspective on what the company does as I’ve always worked with the same study area (computing, sciences, health, etc). This time I’ll be having a look at the business, economy, marketing, etc field, which means I’ll get a pretty good overall look at all our higher education books!

Otherwise, I’m just recovering from the ultimate post-indulgence tummy bug. It was probably caused by all the rich meals, wine and lack of fruits and veggies from the conference last week, as well as being so tired after it. I think it’s reminded me that my stomach isn’t a trash can and that I should start eating reasonably well again. I might even get my butt in gear this week and start going to the gym again, whaddya think?

Wow this is starting to look like a month-late new year’s resolution, isn’t it!?

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