I can sing a rainbow

I can’t help but like the Australian Tourism Board advert that has been on recently, showing Australia through Delta Goodrem’s eyes.

Have a look for yourself, it’s so colourful and nice, especially when compared to the annoying unimaginative ads from the US and the Turkey ones that are played way too often. Just cute πŸ™‚

[Update: I’ve changed the link again! The video can’t run away from us!]

88 thoughts on “I can sing a rainbow

  1. Lucy

    I adore this song, whenever i hear it in the picturess when it on full blast i go all gushy inside! It relaxes me, and i sometimes cry if i listen!

    Thanx delta for making a great song!
    u sing it much better than that judy garland!
    Your a G8 Singer!

  2. Hannah

    i love this advert and song so much. First time i seen the advert i was down for a while and nothing seemed to cheer me up, and when i seen that advert i just felt so happy and relaxed. It made me smile. I want to go to australia!
    Thankyou Delta for making this advert worth while with your truely amazing, soothing voice.

    hannah, Wales xx

  3. Ann

    I LOVE this ad (I’m in Hong Kong)….
    but it makes me reeeeealllly homesick! Her voice makes me want to fly back to Melbourne!

  4. newca

    Wonderful CM, wonderful voice! and thanks for helping me find this wonderful song (through Google)! Now I just wanna have a trip to Australia even more~

  5. Leungjing

    I just watched the AD on TV and was trying to find out more about this song; then I located this URL from google.


    (from Hong Kong too~)

  6. Guest User

    Linus, you can download the MPEG file above. Find a conversion software to convert the audio channel to MP3.

  7. Nanny

    I was rocking my little baby during a thunderstorm and as I rocked her I made this song up. Hard to believe how popular it became…My children sang it to their teachers in Montessori school, their children did the same.. the words have been changed a bit, I suppose because someone was not sure what they were..but I know… My song “I can sing a rainbow” was begun in 1951. Red and yellow and blue and green..purple and orange and pink..I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow too. Look at all the rain falling to the ground, can you sing a rainbow..sing a rainbow..sing a rainbow too? …….. I have it copywritten in Washington DC.

  8. Nanny

    oops, it should say…”…look at all the rain falling from the sky…can you see the rainbow, see the rainbow, see the rainbow too… etc.

  9. Timmy

    I luv dis song man its wiked and it makes me feel loved and this wierd feeling inside and i dont want da song 2 finish.

  10. Vero

    Jeebus, electric guitar solo… Bet that sounds hmm interesting.

    Nanny – I’d be interested in hearing more of your story. Why didn’t you sign your real name if you’re the proud author of this loved song? Something smells fishy here…

  11. Amber

    I love this song soo much..if anyone knows how to get it…pls tell me..I’m sure loads of other ppl want it too!

  12. Vero

    It appears the link was changed on the Australia Tourism Board’s website, but I’ve edited the link to direct you to the video again.

  13. Tony

    I got this song on TV several times and it does attract me a lot. I like the slow and slumbery rhythm, and the charming voice of the singer too. Just got the link on Google and made it a copy my self, thanks for that.

  14. Emily

    I’ve been searching for the ad for quite some time now, thanks for the link! I first saw the commercial in the cinema, it quickly catches my interest as I find it very artistic, yet warm and cozy at the same time.

    Thanks again, from Malaysia πŸ™‚

  15. Victor

    Hi Nanny..

    Comment by Nanny β€” 11/4/2005.

    Thanks for writing such an amazing song! You are truly inspired and greatly blessed.

    I love it!

  16. Jason

    Hi All

    That’s a cool link
    The song is great
    The picture is colourful
    Well I watched it on TV but do not know I can get the file online
    Thanks to you


  17. Vero

    For those who don’t know how to get the file, right-click on “Have a look for yourself” in the text above and choose “Save As…” or “Save Target As…” and you’ll have the file on your own computer! Tadah!

  18. mushroom


    thanks alot for the clip!

    seen and heard the ad through tv!

    loves it alot and it helps keep me sane whenever i felt down!

    with thanks from singapore! =))

  19. e-zone

    Im stuck on TV to heard this song..:-)
    this song was amazing
    dunno that this is a children song
    recently Australia Advertise make me wanna go there more often..

    love great ocean road..(miss that)

    thanks for helping me found this song..

  20. shieh

    This song is so soothing and its a nursery song! How creative… really nice ad. Thanks from Singapore!

  21. chinagirl

    HI!I got your link from google while i was looking for this song.I really like it.
    i am from shanghai,china.:)

  22. Jwen

    Hi, is there anyone who is kind hearted to provide me the link to download the mp3 of Delta Goodrem’s version of I can sing a rainbow? I tried the above link gave my stevie but it had been taken down. Any kind souls willing to help??

  23. wenie

    i also absolutely love this advertisement cum the song. Everytime i listen to this song, many pleasant memories flooded my mind esp the dayz i spend in australia. The beaches, the weather, the friends, the people, the lifestyle, the culture and many more that i miss.Wish that i can visit australia soon.

  24. alvina

    i luvre it s00 much.

    d/l from ares!!
    go yahoo n u can find it
    u can get the song from that d/l’in’ machine too!

    =D frm sg’

  25. Barry

    Wow,can’t imagine how many people had touched by this song. A wonderful song indeed.

    Thank you for providing us the clip. Searched form google as well :p

    From Malaysia πŸ˜‰

  26. Singapore

    Hey, wow. I always run to the tv when the adver starts. I guess its the only thing that can get myself away from the pc!

    Fellow singaporean here!

  27. lerlind

    im one of you guys, it s very nice of you to share the clip (; hope you dont mind i linked this page from my site?
    from malaysia, but studyin in singapore…

  28. redhead

    thank ya sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for the wonderful song….my galfren luvs the song so much and i was so happy when i found the song here….i told her immediately and sent her soon after….everytime i hear tis song it reminds me of her….it has such a special meaning to me!!!….it is relaxing to hear as well….thank you once again!!!….ty ty ty ty!!!

  29. Ari

    This is a song that truly discribe and to feel things in a different way. To Sing a Rainbow! Amazing.(Singapore)

  30. Junhui

    Just want to add another thanks. Came via Google.

    I guess we’re forturnate to have access to the full version. Most public bus passengers have seen the short version only.

    Junhui (Singapore)

  31. Marthe

    Thank you so much! I lived in Sydney in 2003 and this ad really made me wanna go back!!! Love it, love it, love it!

  32. holly

    thankyou so much! i am a singer and have been looking for that song because its so fresh! but when i get older and become a stronger singer-i’ll still be singing at the youth club! So thankyou for giving me the perfect song to get me gigs!

  33. Jamie

    “Delta’s Australia”
    What an awesome advert and a phenomenal song to express the beauty of the country! After touring Australia and experiencing the magic for myself, I don’t think we could have found a better singer to perform the song. πŸ™‚

  34. Kris

    Thanks a lot for the link, Vero!! Like the others, I have been looking for this song and came here via Google. Looking at the comments above, I realised that there are quite a number of Singaporeans like myself who likes this song πŸ™‚

  35. DT

    You guys might find the song on Kazaa. You will need to download the software first to be able to download the track(s) you want.


  36. tyna

    Thanks for your link! Found it via Google. I live in Australia, but a Japanese friend of mine has been looking to download this ad. He just loves it, and reading previous comments, I am truly amazed how many people have seen it and are affected by it! Makes me proud and teary to be an Aussie! And of course, you are all welcome to visit…

  37. samuel3996

    This has been the best advertisement ever! The beautiful colors and of course, the song… My, it has MADE MY DAY! πŸ˜‰ I can indeed sing a rainbow too…

  38. Bonnie

    So nice!
    The first I saw it on TV (I am in China), I searched in online but found nothing I wanted. I never expeceted I can get it here. It has been on my computer.

    I luv it~~~~

  39. Ivan ejx

    wow….what a famous ad !!!!! THIS SONG is so TOUCHING AND SOOTHING INDEED…it makes me feel wanna cry when i listen to it…Malaysian like me ,loves this ad a lot !!!! Australia and Delta Goodrem , U ALL ROCKS…I am going study in Australia soon…meet u all there !!!

  40. QQ

    I heard the song from Australia travel TV commercial. I couldn’t help failing in love with it once the first time I heard it. It really makes all the beautiful scene more lovely and impressive that I catch back all the memories that I had about Australia. Everytime I heard it, i just couldn’t help singing along with it.
    It’s soooooooo amazing!

  41. Jenny Tucker

    I love Delta Goodrem’s songs but all my friends hate her! I think their just jealous. What do you think?

  42. Anna

    THANK YOU! I have been looking everywhere for this song! I found your site and was able to make my own MP3 based on directions I found. I never would have thought it was possible. Thank you for your excellent taste in music! You have made my day! (From the U.S) :o)

  43. Hanis

    I thought the Australian Tourism Board advertisement is only shown across Asia. I didn’t know it’s being aired in UK too.. Anyway, I was finding the lyrics to that song in Yahoo search and this entry of yours happened to be in one of the results searched. Hmm.. Cool webpage you here.. πŸ˜‰

  44. Phillip

    And yes! Delta truely is a good singer! im from aussie ^^
    i adore every bit of her, she makes me poud of my country

  45. Lu

    I teach 3 -5 year olds and want to sing this to them in French… Can anyone translate it into grammatically correct french for me? Please???!!!

  46. Gabriel

    Love this song. Very inspiring song that image and romanticize Australia so beautifully!!

    Anyone has the link to the mp3?

    The earlier links are not working anymore. 😦

  47. Fred


    I have been looking for the original ALL OVER THE WEB. I grew up with Captain Noah and his Magical Ark in Philly, and that song still gets me every time I hear it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if anyone finds it, let me know.


  48. loreen

    I too would like to have chords to this song. Does anyone know how to get them. Its a lovely song and the Aussie Advert is awesome says the Kiwis


  49. David

    (Arthur Hamilton)

    (C)Red, and (Dm)yellow, and (C)pink and green
    (F)Purple, and (Em)orange, and (Dm)blue (G)
    (C)I can sing a (Dm)rainbow, (Em)Sing a (F)rainbow,
    (G)Sing a (G7)rainbow, (C)too.

    (F)Listen with your (C)eyes,
    (F)Listen with your (C)ears,
    And (F)sing every(G)thing you (C)see,
    (D)You can sing a (G)rainbow, (D)Sing a (G)rainbow,
    (Am)Sing a-(D7)long with (G)me (G7)

    (C)Red, and (Dm)yellow, and (C)pink and green
    (F)Purple, and (Em)orange, and (Dm)blue (G)
    (C)I can sing a (Dm)rainbow, (Em)Sing a (F)rainbow,
    (G)Sing a (G7)rainbow, (C)too.

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