Ivan Noble (1967-2005)

Ivan NobleI just read on the BBC that Ivan Noble, the BBC News journalist who has been writing about his treatment for a brain tumour for the past two years, has died aged 37.

As Ivan’s last entry was posted on Sunday, a pre-written note thanking the people around him and saying final goodbyes, I knew it meant it wasn’t likely I would read him again.

This is a man who chose to share the story of his battle with brain cancer for over two years. He demystified cancer and chemotherapy, touching people with his openness. Reading his column always helped me put things into perspective and remember to live every day as fully as possible. I often had a tear in my eye when I read his new entries, and after over two years of following the ups of remissions and the downs of new diagnoses, tonight, I must admit, my thoughts are with his family.

2 thoughts on “Ivan Noble (1967-2005)

  1. Andrea

    it’s sad to read that Ivan has died. people living with and fighting against cancer have my deepest admiration. i lost my dad to colon cancer when i was 13 years old, a friend only slightly older than me was diagnosed with leukemia recently, and co-worker of my mother survived breast cancer. it is good that Ivan tried with his journal to “de-mystify” cancer. people should really learn more about that disease. Live strong!

  2. Farriel

    It’s such a sad thing to think that Ivan is dead. His columns has indeed been truly moving and deeply inspiring, one can only feel sorry that the world has lost such a man.

    He would remain in the hearts of most people, people he never knew, but touched in so many ways.

    I pray that his wife and children, his mom, dad, and all his friends at BBC, who would sorely miss him, to derive strength from the things he’s done.

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