Looking back at January

I was having a look at my January stats this morning, and I’ve got to say, this is a surprisingly good start to the year as far as site traffic goes. I mean, I never started this site planning on being the new Boing Boing or anything but I have to admit it’s flattering to know there are people other than your mother reading what you have to say.

To give you an idea of how the blog has evolved from the handful of hits it was getting a year ago before becoming thatcanadiangirl in its current incarnation, here are some stats. Feel free to skip this if you find it’s a pile of rubbish, because it really is.

  • Over 2000 unique visitors;
  • Nearly 75,000 hits;
  • Visitors came from 73 countries in total;
  • 621 search engine queries landed people on my site;
  • … which were brought on by 350 different keyphrases searched.

So… the spammers must count for a good handful of the countries in there, but the hits up there are only for viewed traffic, so shouldn’t include searchbots and spambots (they’re worth 10,000 hits on top of the 75k), but otherwise, that’s still a decent number of visits!

Keep it comin’ and I’ll keep bloggin’!

One thought on “Looking back at January

  1. Stirman

    Heya, nice place here! I love Canada, I love the, ummm, errr, well…I think I like it. It sits on the US and never misbehaves, so it’s cool with me!

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